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  • MIMI - for BABYS

    MIMI - for BABYS- Fashion for new born between 1 to 18 month

    MIMI - for BABYS, the collection for newborn sticks to the special needs of our youngest customers, girls and boys between 1 - 18 month. In this rank we offer to the smallest customers the possibility to wear up to date and at the same time convenient and easy to care clothes

  • MIMI - for GIRLS

    MIMI - for GIRLS a clothing line which has been created for girls from 2 to 14 years.
    A unique, complete, rendy, versatile collection - a total look, whose details play the protagonists. From clotheswear for special occasions to casualwear, from vintage style to easy chic, these items are designed to please by anticipating the taste and demands of kids. Compliant with tailoring traditions and underpinned by precise processing phases and quality controls, the MIMI collection expresses a multifaceted style that unfolds with a wide range of refined clotheswear typical of the very best creative features of Made in Italy fashion.

  • MIMI - for BOYS

    MIMI - for BOYS is a clothing line created for boys from 2 years to 14 years old.
    The research of this line is directed to sporting and casual clothing, well coordinated, and without missing a stylish touch for elegant occasions.



our children - Shoe Fashion of Missouri

 MIMI - for shoes
  Fashion for kids
  1-12 years
  shoe sizes 21-38


Founded in 1971,

the Italian brand become a synonym for traditonale production,
  refined simplicity,
  identifying trends,
  innovative use of materials,
 always new but never charmless.
   As a constant challenge sees
  the owner Ferracuti,
  the success achieved to preserve,
  but at the same time an attentive eye on the research and the
   production process!

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